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It gives me great pleasure to wish all Saint Lucians in London Happy Independence Day. 

As we take time to reflect on our independence, our challenges and triumphs, we recognise how far we have come. We also recognise the resilience of our people

In celebrating our individual and collective achievements, we must endeavour to explore innovative prospects and opportunities that present avenues for further and future advancement.

We acknowledge that there is still much to accomplish and I encourage us all to continue working towards excellence to advance on the gains of the past. 

Let us celebrate our nationality with immense pride and joy. We must renew our commitment to nation building and to our consciousness as proud Saint Lucians, as we pursue our aspirations at home and in adopted lands.

I wish you every success and a happy 37th Independence Anniversary!

Albert Fregis
Chargé d'Affaires



Schengen Visa Waiver for Saint Lucians
​The Government of Saint Lucia welcomes the decision of the European Union to allow nationals of Saint Lucia as well as nationals of Dominica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago and two other ACP countries to enjoy visa –free travel to some twenty six countries of the European Union. Read More......

Much of Saint Lucia's early history is shrouded in mystery and myth. it is now known, for example, that Columbus never set foot in Saint Lucia during any of his voyages.

The Amerindians, who were found inhabiting the island when the first Europeans landed, called the island "IOUANALAO". According to the Dominican missionary, Pere Raymond Breton who, sometime around 1650, composed a dictonary 0f the Amerindian language, that name is purported to mean " There where the Iguana is found". When the Caribs pretended to sell the island to the Barbadians in 1663, the name they used was "HEWANORRA", which makes one historian, Douglas Taylor, conclude that the name was of Arawak and not of Carib origin. 

About St. Lucia

A warm welcome to you - on behalf of the Government of Saint Lucia and also members of staff of the High Commission for Saint Lucia in London.

Mr. Albert Fregis
​Charge d'Affaires


Welcome to the website of the High Commission for Saint Lucia in London.

This site aims to provide general information about Saint Lucia and the Consular Services offered at the High Commission. Some useful information is provided through strategic links to the Government of Saint Lucia's website, Investment Opportunities and Tourism. The Mission is located in the Earl's Court area of South West London. The nearest Underground (tube) stations are Earl's Court and Gloucester Road both on the District and Piccadilly lines.

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