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Saint Lucia

The High Commission for Saint Lucia is headed by the High Commissioner. The staff of the  mission are appointed by the Government of Saint Lucia. During his absence, the Minister - Counsellor assumes the role as Deputy High Commissioner. To support the work of the Mission, the Minister - Counsellor, First Secretary, Vice Consul and Consular Agent assist the High Commissioner in management and executive direction of Consular matters. Other Administrative matters are supported by the administrative staff. The Mission has the responsibility for delivering the Government's mandate through its general offices. The Mission currently employs 8 full time staff.

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H​igh Commission 


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Monday to Thursday

9:30 am  - 5:30pm


9:30am - 5:00pm

Saturday and Sunday



To represent and safeguard Saint Lucia & its interests in the various countries and international organisations to which the High Commission is accredited, and to protect the welfare of Saint Lucia nationals in these territories.


  •  Represent Saint Lucia’s interest.

  • Identify opportunities for expansion and deepening of diplomatic relations.

  • Representation of Saint Lucia’s interests within international organisations.

  • Promote Saint Lucia as a location for foreign investment and provide relevant information to Headquarters to permit strategic targeting of potential investors.

  • Identify trade markets for Saint Lucia’s exports.

  • Provide advice and support to national delegations as required.

  • Secure the welfare of Saint Lucian nationals within its jurisdiction.

  • Assist  with the issue of visas and pas​sports