Unity of UK St. Lucian Associations

Unity, was established as a direct result of groups sharing a common purpose, coming together to achieve greater unity and simultaneously raising funds for charitable and needy causes in St. Lucia. At a time when St. Lucia is facing a number of challenges e.g. restructuring in the banana industry – the backbone of our economy for over 40 years; diversification into other crops and industries such as offshore businesses and telecommunications, and withstanding the increasing globalisation and competition, it is important that Unity contribute and play a part in assisting our country face those major challenges.

Unity is a voluntary and non-profit making constituted association. The affiliated groups agree between themselves how the Association is governed.Our mission is to forge strong, active and relevant links between St. Lucians and other nationalities and to create a strong community spirit based on trust and support through which our community can be both inspired and also realise its full potential.

visit: www.stluciansuk.com for more information

The Union of St. Lucian Overseas Associations (USLOA)

St. Lucian Association of London (1963)

The Association comprises of a number of individuals who have an affinity to St Lucia with an interest in its development and a furtherance of its people. We provide a forum for discussion with regard to issues affecting us as a people. We exchange information about current affairs and topical issues including health and well-being. We work collaboratively with fellow St Lucians and friends of St Lucia to celebrate issues of national interest and assist with disasters.

Formed just over half a century ago, The Association was founded to be a source of information to St Lucians in UK; to keep members abreast of events; to provide a medium for the expression of members’ opinions on all matters of particular interest to St Lucians without political bias; cater and organise social, cultural and educational activities for the benefit of our members.

The Association’s main aim during its early stages was to assist and support nationals arriving from St. Lucia. It gained early and broad recognition as the principal formally organised and representative association of St Lucians in the UK and played an important and significant role in helping to integrate new arrivals into the ‘English way of life’, customs and traditions.
The Association has supported our community (both in St. Lucia and the UK) in several important ways, both financially and otherwise. In addition, the Association was also responsible for spearheading the formation of a Youth Wing (The New Generation of Young St. Lucians), and the Women’s Committee.

A great deal has been achieved in the Association’s 51 years of history and it can take pride in knowing that several former members have been elected as Members of Parliament in successive St Lucian governments or occupied important posts on the island. One prominent member who is still in the UK is Ms Jessie Stephens who was awarded an MBE in 1986 for services to her community.

Contact details:

St Lucia Association of London (1963)
Tel: 020 7263 0337
Email: slal1963@hotmail.co.uk

The Anse-La-Raye (Saint Lucia) Association UK

The Anse-La-Raye (St. Lucia) Association UK (A.L.R.A) was formed on 1st November 1992. It is a charitable organisation set up to raise funds to help in the development of Anse-La-Raye. In summary, the main objectives of the group are to link all Anse-la-Rayans living in the UK culturally and socially; to facilitate in the development and improvement of the local community; and to help increase the profile of Anse-La-Raye in general.

In 1995, the A.L.R.A. established a local committee in the village of Anse-La-Raye to administer the work of the UK based Association. This linkage has been very useful as it has assisted members in deciding on areas and activities where funds and other resources are most needed and should be directed.

The A.L.R.A has been very influential and has provided much needed support for the development and regeneration of the village. In addition the group has also contributed generously to organisations unconnected with Anse la Raye. Among them is the British Red Cross Appeal for World Wide Relief.

In 2008, A.L.R.A. applied for and was granted charity status from the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The group raises its income through fundraising activities/events and donations. A number of activities have been planned for this year.

Contact Details:

Anse-La-Raye (St Lucia) Association UK
Tel: 077404 969 074

Dennery (St. Lucia) Association UK

The Dennery (Saint Lucia) Association UK was formed in 1999 by a small group of people originally from Dennery, resident in the UK. It was set up primarily to provide support and assistance to Dennery and surrounding valley in areas of health, education and cultural activities.

During the early phase of its development the following individuals managed the Association: Mr Lewis St Juste – Chairman; Mrs Mary Jane Gideon – General Secretary; Mr Randolph Regis – Treasurer. However the management team has changed.

Funds are raised from subscriptions, donations and fundraising activities that are approved by its committee. .

The Association has a bereavement fund which we use to help bereaved families. In addition to helping our people, we also give a monetary donation to two other organisations in the wider community viz, Sickle Cell and Help the Aged.

Contact details:

Dennery (St Lucia) Association (UK)
Tel: 020 7627 4346

Canaries (St. Lucia)

The Canaries (St. Lucia) UK Association was formed on 19th October 1994, following the destruction caused by Hurricane Debbie to the village of Canaries and surrounding areas. This Association was the brainchild of Mr. Greenage Hippolyte, Mr. Simon Cornibert and few members (originally from Canaries but residing in the UK) who met to discuss the idea of forming a group to raise funds to help the village. Their main aim at the time was to raise sufficient funds to finance an ambulance service for the district and simultaneously contribute to the regeneration of the area, in the aftermath of the hurricane. Their perseverance, dedication and enthusiasm have paid off, and the Canaries Association has since been providing financial contributions and other valuable and important service to its community.

In 1995, the Association set up a sister group in St. Lucia to ensure that its activities were being co-ordinated at a local level. It also established links with St. Lucian Associations in Canada to generate awareness of its activities, and to seek additional support and assistance for Canaries. This collaboration proved to be very successful and in 1996, an ambulance was purchased and presented to the village in the presence of several members and dignitaries. For an association with such a short history at the time, this was indeed a magnificent achievement and it excelled the standing of the Canaries Association within the local community. To-date the group has also contributed to education – (e.g. sponsoring educational trips) health and needy causes in the village.

The Canaries Association has pledged to continue working with fellow St. Lucians and groups to support and assist worthwhile causes on the island.

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Contact Details:

Canaries (St Lucia) UK Association
Tel: 020 8220 3514
Email: canariesuk@live.co.uk

Saint Lucia Young Persons Association

The Saint Lucia Young Persons Association *SLYPA* started in 2007 by a group of St. Lucian students in the UK. The group re-launched in 2011 having lost majority of its members due to their return to St. Lucia. The motto is " do something and don't just stand there". This was the inspiration for the journey they embarked on and the many like minded forums available to them,

St. Lucia Diabetes Project (UK) (SLDP)

This registered charity was founded in 2002 by Mrs. Mary Matthias. In the past eleven years, the project delivered a number of worthwhile initiatives  in St. Lucia, and was able to support a number of St. Lucian health care professionals in the UK for their professional development in diabetes, renal disease, tissue viability and foot care.

see www.stluciadiabetesproject.co.uk for more information.

St. Lucia Community Healthcare and Ambulance Project

The St. Lucia Community Healthcare and Ambulance Project was founded in 2001 by Maureen Mullings. The Mission is to support the St. Lucia Health Authority , it's staff and volunteers by providing professional advise, support, equipment, training and guidance to alleviate and reduce occupational hazard, stress and injury at work or in the workplace and to advance the education of the public in matters relating to health and safety.

The Merseyside St. Lucian Association

The Merseyside St. Lucian Association as it is called today was originally named the Liverpool St. Lucian Association and formally constituted on the 23rd August, 1970.

The actual objects per the constitution are:

  • creation of closer links among St. Luain people i.e. people who are St. Lucian by origin, decent, adoption or marriage and to foster harmonious relationship between the St. Lucian people of the United Kingdom.
  • provides a means of social intercourse, education, cultural, recreational and entertainment facilities for its members.
  • acquisition and distribution of information of all aspects of life in St. Lucia
  • recieve money and contributions , donations and grants for use in the pursuance of its objects​

Cosmopolitan Athletic & Social Club

The Club was founded on the 16th January 1966 by a group of young men from St. Lucia who played football on the island before immigrating to the UK. The club moved from its home in Stoke Newington to the Manor House Community Center in 1994. The following year the club decided to join with the Tenants Association  and formed the charity now known as the Manor Park Community Association.

Anyone interested in joining the club can contact them using the details below:

524 High Street North, Manor Park, London, E12 6QN

Tel: 0208 514 0903

The Birmingham Association

The Birmingham Association was officially formed in December 1979 by a small group of St. Lucians living in Birmingham.

The aims of the association were to:

  • create a community in Birmingham where St. Lucians could get together to discuss issues occurring in St. Lucia
  • determine whether there was any assistance we could give to our fellow St. Lucian communities abroad.
  • provide somewhere St. Lucian families in England could meet and celebrate festivities/
  • provide assistance to local charities in Birmingham.


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